Financial and process reports ready out-of-the-box

Whenever you add new savings to the systems, Meercat® has a number of ready-made reports that will provide top management with up-to-date view of savings and will guide middle-management to help them focus on the initiatives that are most critical.

All reports can be exported to PDF and Microsoft™ Excel™ at a mouse-click for easy sharing.

And if you happen to need a report that's not yet developed, you can export the source data to Excel in a Pivot-Table-Ready format and perform your own analysis

Savings Summary

Shows a snapshot of savings grouped by the current maturity / confidence level and allows the user to compare it to the baseline. It's possible to compare the savings status to any time in the past to see how the projects developed.

Analysis of Implementation Delay

This report shows you the planned cumulative value of your savings initiatives over time (based on confidence level deadlines) and compares it with the cumulative value of actually closed savings. This allows the managers to identify major delays early on in the process.

Analysis of potential decrease

Let's face it. It's not possible to accurately predict the expected savings when you start a new initiative. The final result will almost always be lower than expected. This function let's you analyse the average changes between savings as they progress through the confidence levels. In this way you can better predict the actual savings per commodity group based on previous experiences in your organisation.

Deadline maturity

Shows the expected value of savings split into their maturity (short/medium/long term - all freely-definable by the customer) and whether or not they're delayed. It's at-a-glance-view of what you can expect to achieve in the nearest time.

Deadline portfolio

This is a bubble chart type report that shows individual initiative based on the implementation deadline, savings % and monetary value of the savings, thus allowing the management team to prioritise their focus.

Delta report

Table-based report that's particularly useful for top management update meetings. It allows the user compare changes within the last week/month/quarter/year both per confidence level and per BU/Category/Project/Lever/Region

Rich filtering options

Ability to filter the results is almost as important as the layout of the report itself. Hundreds of stakeholders are involved in a global savings program and all of them are intrested in a different view of the savings status.
  • ID
    search by full or parts of the ID number
  • Tags
    search by freely definable tags assigned to the initiative
  • Keywords
    search by words used in name of the initiative
  • CL
    search all initiatives currently being at the selected confidence level
  • Status
    list of all initiatives currently being in selected status
  • Lever
    list all initiatives from chosen lever
  • BU
    search by site/ Business Unit to which the saving is assigned
  • Project
    list all initiatives from the chosen project.
  • Commodity
    list all initiatives from the chosen commodities/ categories.
  • Supplier
    list all initiatives from the chosen supplier
  • Currency
    define in which currency the saving was made
  • Team
    search by employees involved in the saving initiatives
  • Approver
    search by the name of the designated approver.
  • Due
    due date of the saving initiative
  • Start
    start date of the saving initiative
  • Added
    the date when the saving was created in the system
  • Last changed
    the date when the saving was last edited
  • Part #
    search by part number